Electric Range Bake Elements - Hidden or Exposed?

Electric Range Bake Elements - Hidden or Exposed?

Manufacturers listen to their customers, especially when it comes to cleaning appliances. We can all agree cleaning an electric oven is no fun! All kinds of crud ends up at the bottom of an oven and that's exactly where the electric bake element is located. When bake elements are exposed and things such as gooey sauces drip onto them they are a nightmare to clean. Left uncleaned your oven can send up smoke signals.

So awhile back manufacturers came up with the idea to cover the bake element. This simple design improvement means no more having to lift the element to clean spills and no more worrying about loosening the element over time. No more food spilling on your bake element means they last longer. Most importantly, wiping the bottom of the oven becomes a relative breeze.

Of course there are a few downsides to this design improvement. Ranges with hidden bake elements are a bit higher in cost. Preheating the oven takes a little longer and your bake times may also be slightly longer. Also repairing a broken element may not be a DIY job for the average homeowner so replacing them will cost more.

All in all, hidden bake elements are a nice design improvement to the electric oven that makes life easier for homeowners.

24th Jun 2017 Camdens

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