Dryer Performance and Vent Length

Dryer Performance and Vent Length

When purchasing your next dryer don't forget to think about the maximum vent length your dryer can handle. It is a critical factor when planning your dryer's venting system. Vent runs longer than specified in the installation instructions not only increase the risk of fire hazards, they also decrease performance and the life of your dryer. Your installation manual will have detailed instructions to help you plan your vent system but here are few considerations to think about.
Total vent length is affected by several factors including:

  • Number of 90 deg turns
  • Type of venting (rigid or semi-rigid)
  • Use of clamps to seal joints
  • Type of outside vent cap

Your manual should include a chart such as the one below showing maximum vent distances

When shopping for a dryer at CamdenAppliance.com you can check the maximum vent length by downloading the installation manual and typing the keyword "vent" into the search bar.

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14th Apr 2017 Camdens

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